How Will Your Subscribers WAIT For Your Next Email?

Let me explain to you how you can develop a Good Relationship with your Website Visitors/Subscribers.


I’m sure that you must have made friends online. Just remember what you did when you made friends online?


You first liked something that your friend had shared. You thought that the post shared by your friend was something interesting.


The ‘something’ may be a Video or an Image or an Article. The Video/Image/Article was related to what you are interested in or it was about some problem you’re facing right now… Or something that you felt related to…


In short, that ‘something’ connected you with your friend. You may be following an author whose article was shared by your friend.


Example: I like Robert Kiyosaki. One day I saw that John had shared an article about Robert’s new book. I really liked that article.


I thought that as John was regularly sharing the posts related to Robert’s books, I should send a friend request to him.


So I sent a friend request to John. In my friend request I mentioned that I would like to be friends with John as I like Robert Kiyosaki’s Books.


I know this is a very amateurish example. But the point I want to make is that… you already know how to build a relationship with your friends.


When your friend accepts your friend request, the first thing you do is write a post on his/her Facebook wall.


Then you share the Images, Videos, Articles related to the interest that connected you.


It is that Simple. As per above example, I would share Images, Videos, and Articles related to Robert Kiyosaki’s Books.


When I read a new Book written by Robert Kiyosaki, I would let John know about views about the new Book that I read.


I’m not selling anything to him. I’m just sharing my views with him. If he likes what I learned from the new Book, he will also purchase the book and read it.


Don’t you think that your Affiliate Marketing Business should be done in a similar way?


Yes. Obviously, it should be done in a similar way. The Only difference is that now John is your Website Visitor/Subscriber.


How would you do THIS?


Most of the Affiliate Marketing GURUS will never tell you how to do this. They may be unaware of it or they don’t want you to know this.


I’ll first tell you how it is done the wrong way and then I’ll explain to you how it can be done in a correct way…


Usually we get a subscriber through our Optin/Squeeze/Lead Capture page.


What we do is, take the email address of the subscriber and add it to our Autoresponder service.


You’ll first send a Welcome Email and give them the Free Gift that you promised on the Optin/Squeeze/Lead Capture page.


Then we keep on sending emails daily or once in two days. You write great headlines, great emails… you do all the things that are taught to you by GURUS…


Ultimately what happens?


Your email list goes Unresponsive. They no longer open your emails. In this situation what would you typically think?


Am I writing bad emails?


Am I doing the wrong business?


What will you do to correct this?


You’ll start getting more Traffic, More Leads…

But the new list will also become Unresponsive.




You’re not treating your subscribers as your friends.  You’re not building any relationship with them.


Your subscribers don’t know you. They cannot Contact you. They don’t Trust you.


You don’t know what they need. You don’t know the issues they’re facing.


You don’t know what they want…


You don’t know what issues they’re facing…


Then how do you expect to help them?


How do you know that the product that you’re promoting is good for them?


If you don’t know what they like and what they want, you won’t be able to make any sale.


You won’t develop any relationship with them. So they’ll go unresponsive.


So what should you do?


Just ask them to contact you. Get connected with them. Don’t just email them the templates provided by product Vendor.



It is very simple. You provide them with your contact details in your First Email (Welcome Email) and in every email that you send them.  Clearly, ask them to contact you. Give them your Facebook ID, your Personal Email Address, your Skype ID, give them your Phone Number… Or give them any other information that will help them to contact you.


Most of them won’t contact you. However, they’ll know that there is a real person who is sending them the emails. The person sending you the emails is willing to help you and contact you.


Just remember that you have to reply to them once they contact you. It is very important. Not all will contact you back but those who contact you are your BEST subscribers.


The moment you contact them or they contact you and get a reply from you, you are on their Priority contacts.


Now they’ll not ignore your emails. They’ll read your emails; they’ll share the issues they’re facing. Now they will actually wait for your emails. They will want to read your emails. This is exactly what you want to be successful.



If they don’t contact you, you contact them. Don’t just contact them through email. Try to contact them through Facebook, Skype, Twitter… Or any other medium available to you.


For example: When you get their email address, search their email address on Facebook. You may get their Facebook profile. Once you find their Facebook profile page, just send them a message saying …


Hey, you just entered your email address to get the Free Gift on your Optin/Squeeze/Lead Capture page. I just wanted to thank you personally. Please let me know if you like your Free Gift or not”.


There is a template that I use in my Welcome Email and all the emails that I send to my subscribers. I’ll share the template as well as the exact way you should design your First/Welcome Email, in my next post.