What Will Make Your Subscribers To Pull Out Their Credit Card?




You may have heard this a lot of times that ‘MONEY is in the List’. Yes. You can easily make money with an Email List.


The fact is… the ‘FORTUNE is in the Follow-up’.

Let me explain it to you… If you’re receiving an email from your friend, you’ll read it first. If he/she recommends or suggests any product to you… you’re likely to purchase that product. Or at least you’ll take a look at the product.

Why would you open an email from your friend?


Why would you look or purchase the product that he/she recommend?

#1 – You know your friend very well. You know him/her because you’ve seen him/her. You can call him/her anytime you feel to contact him/her.

Even if you’re just online friends, you have seen their photos. Just think how did you develop your friendship?

You shared images with them. You shared videos with them. You were not just emailing them every day.  So why are you just depending on emails to develop a relationship with your Subscribers?

#2 – You would buy or see the product which is recommended by your friend. It is not because you like that product or you’re interested in that product.

It is because your friend knows that you need the product that he/she is recommending. Your friend knows that you’re facing a particular issue and he wants you to get the solution to resolve this issue.

How does he/she know about the issue you’re facing?

Simple… you may have told yourself while chatting with them or you may have given a hint about your issue while chatting with them.

Example: While you were chatting with your friend you casually talked about your craze about the Star War characters. Or you may have said that you like the way Iron Man looks.

Next time while chatting with you, your friend tells you about the new Star War Movie or the latest Iron Man movie… He/she says that he watched that movie and it is awesome…

What are the chances of you watching this movie?

You’ll definitely consider watching it as your friend has recommended that movie. He/she didn’t sell anything to you. He/she just recommended.

I know it’s a very bad example.


Just think… is it not the same way your subscriber will buy or see the affiliate product which you’re promoting?

If you develop a nice relationship with your subscribers, will they not be interested in buying the affiliate product that you’re promoting?

What is the advantage of developing a relationship?

The biggest advantage is that you’ll know the issues that your subscriber is facing. You’ll know exactly which affiliate product will solve your subscriber’s issue.

Another advantage is that you’ll not be a stranger or an unknown GURU who is sitting behind the computer.

You’ll be someone who your subscriber trusts… not as an expert but as a friend. Now you’re someone who understands his/her issue.

Will it not be easier for you to sell affiliate products by just recommending them to your good friend?

What will make them trust you and pull out the credit card… It is the relationship that you build with your subscribers.

Your subscriber will start trusting you due to the relationship you’ve built with them.

In next post I’ll show you how you can make your subscribers wait for your next email…